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How to Do a Competitive Analysis Template Included

If your direct competitor sells the same product for $10, you won’t get away with charging $25 for it. To ensure diversity consider businesses that fall into each of the three competitor categories. Instead, explore opportunities to outperform them and create greater value for your customers. And you can’t stand out from the crowd if you don’t know what makes your brand unique. You can also line competitors up against each other to find content gaps you could be filling. Brandswatch Audiences can dig into who they are, the influencers they listen to and the content they share.

You’ll need to revisit your social media competitive analysis regularly to keep it current. Make this a regular part of your quarterly or annual reporting and review. That means you’ll need a constant supply of up-to-date information. Learning about your competitors is not the only reason to do a competitor analysis on social media.

Finding Your Industry Competitors

This is a freemium tool so you can check out what it has to offer before getting onto the paid plans or jsut use it sparingly. If you can’t find it by looking for it, your shared audience won’t see it either. Analyse the overall user experience of the website and how the content is presented visually. If it’s designed well, this should be making a strategically intended impact and it should also communicate specific characteristics. Either way, the key to identifying your top 10 is to focus on relevancy.

What are the 6 competitive factors?

Answer and Explanation: The six factors of competitive advantage are selection, quality, service, turnaround, price, and speed.

Understand how competitors interact with their followers, customers, employees, partners, and shareholders. If you can pinpoint their communication framework, you’ll be able to position yourself differently and set yourself apart from competitors. Once you’re ready to dive into a competitive analysis of your own, follow the steps outlined here to keep your research structured and organized appropriately.

How to Do Market Research: A Guide and Template

Plus, it’s a great reference point to compare your future growth against. It’s a hella powerful way to maintain a competitive advantage over other companies in your industry. Again, this tool, just like Ahrefs is a sophisticated SEO tool that allows you to open up the hood of your competitors’ websites. If you want to understand how your competitors are doing what they’re doing digitally, then similar web has you covered. Throughout their website, their physical branded material and their social channels, you will have enough to be able to identify themes.

  • It can also uncover the direction that an entire industry is moving.
  • Five years pass, and you realize you would have been left in the dust had you failed to analyze the competition or ignored the warning signs.
  • Direct competitors are businesses that offer a product or service that could pass as a similar substitute for yours, and that operate in your same geographic area.
  • You may find that none of the Pages identified are relevant to your industry, but if they are, add them to your competitors list.
  • The PS5, meanwhile, has superior graphics hardware and processing power for gamers who want the highest-fidelity experience.
  • This is exactly what a competitive market analysis is most often used for.

Sony’s newest offering - the Playstation 5 - recently hit the market but has been plagued by supply shortages. Nintendo’s Switch console, meanwhile, has been around for several years but remains a consistent seller, especially among teens and children. Of course, it’s one thing to understand the benefits of competitive analysis, and it’s another to actually carry out an analysis that yields actionable results.

Industry benchmarking in Hootsuite Analytics

Competitors app lets you discover and monitor the Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns of your competitors. You can also see on your timeline when a competitor runs Facebook ads. Therefore, to improve the responsiveness of your business strategy, first, monitor what others are doing, then adjust your strategy to adapt to changes better than them.

How To Do A Competitive Analysis In 2021

Now that you have understood the importance of doing competitor analysis, let’s guide you through the process. Get a free trial or even buy or sign up for the real deal, if your budget allows. When using their products, try contacting their customer support for additional insight. Yes, you're trying to beat your competitors, but that doesn't mean you can't learn from them—especially if they've been around the block a few times.

What is a social media competitor analysis?

Use tools like Google Alerts or Mention to monitor your competitors and track their marketing activities. You can also use social media platforms, like Twitter and LinkedIn, to find out when your competitors are running promotions, attending industry events, and hiring new employees. By performing a competitive market analysis, you can identify opportunity gaps, differentiators, and competitive advantages to grow your business. You’ll share the same audience and will have similar or the same products or services.

How To Do A Competitive Analysis In 2021

Identify the market trends that you are aware of, but your competitors are not, and take full advantage of your knowledge. If you are looking to rank for a less competitive keyword yourself, the first step is to monitor how many of your competitors are doing the same. Competitors app lets you monitor the keyword rankings of your competitors at all times.

This can be particularly useful while monitoring your direct competitors. Due to the fast-changing nature of SEO, it is essential to have the latest updates about your competition. Competitors app sends you notifications every time a change is made on a competitor’s website and makes sure you are aware of your competitors’ actions in real-time. This includes changes to Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons, pricing, new features/integrations, sales offers, etc. Besides website changes can include significant factors such as pricing changes, which is crucial to be aware of in a competitive market.

  • As humans, we have a tendency to jump to conclusions around our assumptions.
  • Record this information just like you would with a competitor and use this as your baseline to compare across the board.
  • It will also allow you to understand their email marketing strategy and how it drives conversion for your competitors.
  • Here are some of the best social media competitive analysis tools to help you get started.
  • This includes changes to Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons, pricing, new features/integrations, sales offers, etc.

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