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5 websites with an impressive user interface UI

If you wish to change the source and destination zones, you must delete the undesired policy and then create a new one with the correct zones. If you setup your website like this, make sure there’s a “back to top” link at the bottom of each section so users can always get back to the table of contents and menu. Most web design tools, like Wordpress, allow you to embed a search engine within your site. If you opt to do this, make sure the search engine shows up on every page and that your pages consist of text featuring key terms users would search for.

Graphical user interfaces—these are the visual representations of buttons, menus, or control panels, essentially anything that a user will interact with. An example of this is your computer’s desktop or your mobile phone’s interface. As you can see, creating a user-friendly interface is not a simple task. However, if you keep the basic features of a good user interface in mind, you will be well on your way to designing an interface that is easy to use and navigate. A library can help you create an appropriate environment for user data entry. However, it can’t remove the need to validate every piece of data you receive.

The 50 Best Blogger Website Templates: Your Ultimate Guide

Now imagine you had a navigation option “House.” Most users would figure that meant the homepage, but not without spending an extra second or two puzzling it out. You can avoid increasing the user’s cognitive load in this way by following the conventions set by other websites and applications. That does not mean the UI designer’s job is easy, however. For example, the logo might be placed at the top of the page, or the bottom, or both.

developing interfaces for web sites

Articles are set up in a one-column format, making content easy to digest. We hope our collection of excellent web application examples will give you some real hints on how to do this. Your goal is to create quick access to all sections of the page. What’s more, properly optimized websites with a high-speed rank better in Google, so you can win some points there as well.

User Efficiency

This conversational invite to start searching is a delightful way of portraying the voice of the brand, as well as making the process of finding a place to stay simple. When it comes to helping users complete the process of booking a flight, Virgin America was one of the first – if not the first—to put the user’s interests front and center. Medium, an online reading and publishing platform, is just as gorgeous as it is functional. With minimal use of color, generous line spacing, and a well-chosen combination of typography, this website gets everything right. Learn online, not alone Our career-change programs are designed to take you from beginner to pro in your tech career—with personalized support every step of the way. Although it is very common to hire the services of a web designer, many startups and SMEs have doubts when it comes to hire this ...

  • The focus is around the look and feel of the interface and whether users have a smooth and pleasant experience both in use and visual appearance.
  • In the end, they cannot easily discontinue using the application and switch to another if they don’t like how it’s working, as is the case with websites.
  • The great thing is you are not limited to the stylistic options.
  • If you keep a contact form underneath your blog posts, don’t decide to leave it off.
  • With this new navigation, finding information became easier.

In addition, when someone with special needs can’t see the picture, the accessibility aid they use will typically use the alt attribute text to introduce the image. The point is that the alt attribute provides a description of the image and also acts as a substitute for it as needed.longdescMany browsers ignore the longdesc attribute. This attribute provides a much longer description of an image than an alt attribute does. In most cases, you limit the description to about a paragraph of text.


Newer versions of Chrome and Safari support this control.telDisplays a standard text input control. However, the control automatically validates the input to ensure the user supplies a properly formatted telephone number. Newer versions of Safari support this control.timeDisplays a time picker that the user can use to select a specific time . The min and max attributes let you set the range of allowable times. Newer versions of Chrome, Safari, and Opera all support this control.urlDisplays a standard text input control.

developing interfaces for web sites

Actively listen to your team member's concerns and show genuine interest in their perspective. This can help build trust and encourage more open and honest communication. Ask clarification questions to ensure you fully understand your team members’ perspective. By asking the right questions during one-on-one meetings, you can encourage your team to share thoughts and ideas and support development and career growth. Set goals for the team member, both short-term and long-term, and identify actionable steps to achieve them.

illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

Further evidence of how their design teams incorporate these rules into their design process is reflected in the user interface guidelines published and shared by these companies. This article will teach you how to follow the ten rules of thumb in your design work so you can further improve the usability, utility, and desirability of your designs. I see a lot of applications that don’t meet the needs of either businesses or users and thus contribute to a loss of profit and poor user experience.

A pleasurable experience for users while also empowering them to complete needed tasks quickly and easily. Gesture-based interfaces—these are interfaces in which a user’s gestures affect the action of a product. It’s probable that users with different levels of expertise will use an app or website and they should all be able to navigate your interface. There should be a beginner mode and an expert mode for certain features, if possible and applicable. Some developers also falsely assume that throwing additional hardware at a problem will solve it.

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Notice how the code uses HTML and JavaScript for support. Of course, formatting would be more complex in a real application. The result of this experiment is a button like the one shown in Figure 4-6. The section “Providing Controlled Choices”tells you about the ways to control user choices. The advantage of HTML controls is that they work automatically for the most part.

developing interfaces for web sites

“User Interface Development” is the development of websites, web applications, mobile applications and software development. “User Interface” plays a key role in the “software development life cycle”. Most people assume user interface development solutions are creating the websites and writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but User Interface goes far beyond these technical terms. The goal of the user interface is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible, in terms of accomplishing user goals. Often people hire graphic designers or professional website developers to create visually appealing website designs. Just like all the other pieces of your website, you can do this too.

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